Cold Rolled Precision Steel Strip

Cold Rolled Precision Steel Strip

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Liberty Performance Steels is a leading manufacturer of a unique, specialised range of precision cold rolled steel strip from 0.15 - 8.00mm in thickness. The business has particular expertise inthe provision of cold rolled steel strip to satisfy the demands of high-volume component manufacture to the automotive, aerospace and pressing sectors including: medical fixtures, high-quality sintered-bearings and many other security and safety-related applications. 

Cold rolled steel is a product which is produced from a hot rolled strip that has been pickled. With a quality reputation for forming and deep drawing capabilities, steel strip is used within a variety of common domestic and industrial applications. Applications where steel strip is often present include: knife blades, hacksaw blades, spring fastenings and components and precision pressed, drawn and formed parts for automobiles, domestic appliances and electrical equipment.

Cold rolling is carried out on mills fitted with automatic gauge controls. The annealing process, which is carefully adjusted, takes place in modern furnances which facilitate the creation and imparting of uniformity and consistency. The process therefore results in superior structural and surface product characteristics. This same level of care is also present in our slitting methods, which produce strip with burr-free edges.

With state-of-the-art technology and the careful adaptation of production techniques, quality rolled strip can be produced with the capability to satisfy virtually any type of specialised requirement.