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About Liberty Performance Steels

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Liberty Performance Steels part of Liberty Steel is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality precision steel strip. Comprising of 4 well established companies - J B & S Lees, Firth Cleveland Steel Strip and Liberty Peformance Steels Inc. (in the USA) - the business supplies industries such as automotive, hand and machine tools, medical, construction, forestry, food and general manufacturing. Liberty Performance Steels exports over 67% of its production volume to customers in more than 50 countries. 

J B & S Lees is an internationally established business, which has been operating from its West Bromwich site for over 125 years. It manufactures a large selection of cold rolled strip in mild, carbon and alloy steel grades; hardened and tempered steel strip for narrow bandsaws; pinpoint carbide steel strip for metal cutting bandsaws and a bi-metal strip for composite saw blades.

Firth Cleveland Steel Strip, also based from West Bromwich, has a 70 year long history in the manufacture of a range of specialist hardened and tempered spring steel strip used for the production of hand tools, precision blades and springs. The business also offers a number of additional finishing operations, which provide users with a customised product. Firth Cleveland trades with over 30 countries worldwide.

Liberty Performance Steels Inc. is the United States based division of Liberty Performance Steels Ltd. Based in New Jersey, it offers the entire range manufactured by the above 3 businesses in North America.

Liberty Peformance Steels is a global market leader in a number of product categories including:

  • Woodcutting and metal cutting bandsaw strip; and

  • Hardened and tempered handsaw strip.

Over 70% of all steel strip produced by the business is incorporated into saw blades and knife blades of all types.