Hardened & Tempered Steel Strip

Hardened & Tempered Steel Strip

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Hardened steel is the name given to the final result of a piece of high carbon steel which has undergone heat treatment. Following this, a course of tempering is applied in order to toughen and improve the overall image of the steel. The course of heating and tempering is applied to the steel to aid its strength and ability to cope with the usage placed upon it within its market.

Liberty Performance Steels supply to internationally recognised manufacturers of hand tools, precision blades and springs worldwide.

Many of the company's production methods are unique, or extensively adapted. Much of the equipment relating to the hardening and tempering process has been specially designed to produce the finest quality precision strip.

The business offers a range of surface finishes, colours, hardness and specialised edge profiles suitable for aesthetically critical products such as handsaw, bowsaw, trowel and other decorator’s tools.