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Firth Cleveland Steel Strip opened for business on the 1st January 1949 under the name Charles Cooper Ltd. At this time, the company had just one customer with an order for 25 tonnes of precision strip. In 1956 the business was renamed to Firth Cleveland Steel Strip, which is now known and recognised as the UK’s leading producer of hardened and tempered steel strip. Today, Firth Cleveland has hundreds of customers in over 40 countries worldwide. North American sales are handled by US subsidiary Firth Cleveland Steels Inc. which was established in 1960.

At Firth Cleveland, our commitment to excellence goes far beyond normal requirements, here steel strip manufacture is an art. Firth Cleveland Steel Strip, manufactures a wide range of special steel strip steels: medium carbon, high carbon and low alloy grades which, as well as conforming to internationally recognised standards, achieve outstanding, achieve outstanding consistency and uniformity.

There is no such thing as a standard product at Firth Cleveland; our flexibility gives us the ability to tailor products to customers’ individual specifications. Not surprisingly, the list of specialised applications for our products is extensive, including blades for many types of saws and knives, springs, trowels, cutting and scoring rules, decorating tools and doctor blades.

Many of our production methods are unique or extensively adapted. Much of our equipment, such as our hardening and tempering furnaces has been specifically designed to produce the finest quality precision strip. Surface finish is of critical importance to many of our customers’ applications. Not only can we satisfy the most demanding requirements, we can offer a range of surface finishes and colours. Similarly, strip edges can be dressed or ground for particular applications.

Our metallurgists offer a complete technical service to both current and potential customers, advising on the suitability of all our stock specifications for the intended applications. Reliability is assured by 24 hour on-line testing and our policy of sourcing only the finest steel from Europe’s leading steel makers. Together, outstanding quality and the ability to offer a personal service are the hallmarks of Firth Cleveland Steel Strip.