Now part of the Liberty Group

Liberty Peformance Steels (previosly Caparo Precision Strip)

has recently been acquired by the Liberty Group, an international

commodities, trading and manufacturing business. This website

is in the process of being revamped but in the mean time please

feel free to browse through our products which remain the same.

Leading precision steel strip brands

Liberty Performance Steels is the UK manufacturer behind the

leading international brands of J B & S Lees, Firth Cleveland

Steel Strip and Liberty Performance Steels Inc. which in
combination have over 200 years of experience in steel strip

Specialist manufacturer of precision steel strip

The international business behind precision cold rolled steel strip,
pinpoint carbide strip bimetal strip and hardened and tempered steel
strip for narrow bandsaws. Products include Pink Label, Gold Label,
and others. Please contact us with any enquiries you may have.

Hardened & tempered steel strip

Liberty Performance Steels has a particular expertise in the

manufacture of hardened and tempered (H&T) steel strip 

a range of surface finishes, colours, hardness and

specialised edge profiles.


Hardened & Tempered Steel Strip

Our hardened and tempered steel strip is supplied to many manufacturers of hand tools, precision blades and springs worldwide.

Metal Cutting Bandsaw Steel Strip

We are the world's leading manufacturer of specialist pinpoint carbide strip for hard wearing metal cutting bandsaw blades.

Bimetallic/Bimetal strip

Our bimetallic strip provides the hardness and resistance of high speed steel, with the toughness and weldability of medium carbon alloy steel.

Precision Steel Strip Manufacturer

Caparo Precision Strip was recently acquired by the Liberty Group and is now Liberty Performance Steels. This manufacturer of precision steel strip combines the expertise held by two industry leading brands: JB & S Lees and Firth Cleveland Steel Strip (please note that Ductile Stourbridge Cold Mills has now closed down). The business has over 200 years of history and expertise in the poduction of 
high quality cold rolled, bimetallic, hardened and tempered, and specialist bandsaw steel strip in a wide range of specifications and sizes. Dealing with customers in 55 countries, the company supplies industries such as automotive, hand and machine tools, medical, construction, forestry, food and general manufacturing. In the United States Liberty Peformance Steels is represented by Liberty Performance Steels Inc., based out of New Jersey.